Greg Steinbrecher

Greg Steinbrecher is an actor born, bred, raised, and currently residing in Los Angeles.

He dreamed of being an actor ever since he saw behind-the-scenes footage of Star Wars when he was ten years old, but didn't get his feet wet until he showed up for his high school's Guys and Dolls audition and ended up with the lead.  He then went on to take parts in nine plays at the University of Virginia and its surrounding communities.  After graduating with honors while double-majoring in Philosophy and Literature he returned to LA and began studying acting at Stuart Rogers Studios. 

While film provided the impetus to begin acting, Greg has developed a love for the theatre in intervening years, and after college has appeared on the stages of prestige theatre companies such as Theatre Tribe, Coeurage, and Theatricum Botanicum.  He earned good reviews for his work in The Taming of the Show (“very funny”) and Luminous (“a heartfelt and moving performance.”)  The latest plays he appeared in also received acclaim. He traveled to New York to perform Just Like Life off-Broadway at the prestigious and historic SoHo Playhouse, and The Commuter won the People’s Choice Award at the Short and Sweet Festival in 2017. 

Greg has also worked in front of the camera, like he dreamed he would when he was ten.  He played Count Axel Von Fersen in National Geographic's Party Like Marie Antoinette and as Spiffy in Ward Robert's cult movie Dust Up.  Recently he’s done multiple projects working with the American Film Institute, and has a recurring guest star on the award-winning web series Pillow Talk, and in YouTube star Travis Bryant's short online film Off Track, among others.



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