Off Track Released

Hey!  "Off Track" I short film I shot with the talented Travis Bryant, has been released to YouTube.  It's's really something all right.  No, it turned out great.  *Definitely* NSFW nor for the faint of heart though.  But perfect for Halloween.  Head over to the Video page of my site to check it out.

'The Commuter' at S&S H'Wood 2017

Some more theater news.  I'll be acting in a play that's part of the 2017 Short and Sweet Festival.  Our play is called The Commuter, and we'll be performing during the matinee block on August 5th and 6th.  Tickets are available here (just make sure you purchase tickets on the correct dates).  Caitlin Rucker, the stage manager of Just Like Life is producing, and Maria McCann, one of the actresses in Just Like Life will be in it as well.  Can't wait to work with these good people again!

'Just Like Life' is Going to New York

Very exciting news!  A representative of the SoHo Playhouse in New York saw our final show and liked it so much that he has asked us to perform it at his theater for a run in October.  So Just Like Life is going Off-Broadway!  And the whole gang is going to be together for it.  What a huge feather in the cap for Donovan.  An idea he had 20 years ago is seeing success today because of his vision, humor, and perseverance.  You can actually already get tickets for the show by clicking here.

'Just Like Life' Extended!

We just found out that Just Like Life has received an Encore Producers Award, and therefore we'll get a few more chances to perform it!  This play has been one of the more difficult (I'm gassed after each show) but rewarding experiences of my life, and I'm so happy we get to continue it.  Get your tickets for our extension (once they become available) here.

Wrapped on a Short

Just wrapped a short film that I shot with Pilgrim Media Group.  I can't offer too many details right, because the guy who conceived and wrote it wants mum to be the word until it's released, but it should be a cool Black Mirror-esque, thing when it comes out.  And when it does I'll of course post it  here.  Happy Cinco!

Back to Fringe with 'Just Like Life'

All right!  I'll be back acting in the Hollywood Fringe Festival again this year, in "Just Like Life" a play by Donovan Glover that he'll also be directing.  It's an absurdist piece about a young man, Hey-Zeus who just wants to be left alone to clean his living space and read the newspaper, but is constantly bothered by his mother, Quote Mama.  Disagreements ensue.  Can't wait to get started on this one, I think it's got the potential to be funny, experiential, and thought-provoking.

AFI Short: In My Head

Just wrapped a second-round of working with the talented folks studying at the American Film Institute.  Loved my experience shooting "Seat Open" last year, and I can't wait to see the finished product of this one.  It's called In My Head, about a young guy going on his first date with another man.  The director, Omer Ben-Shachar is a really talented guy, and from the dailies I saw it should be a really good film.  

Come See Jump!

At the last minute I got asked to direct a one-act at Stuart Rogers Studios called "Hot Winter Nights."  It's grouped with two other shows, and we're calling the collection of plays "Jump."  I'm so pumped to be directing again, and the night should be a lot of fun.  Details on the poster below.

Fringe Festival is Over

I had such a terrific time being in both "Luminous" and "The Taming of the Show" as part of this year's Los Angeles Fringe Festival.  I've never been in a play that emotionally affected people the way some people told me Luminous affected them, and people had a blast at Taming.  I loved everyone I worked with and hope to goodness that I get to work with all of them again soon.  A couple of photos from the shows below.

Dates for my Two Plays

Not "my" plays per se, but the ones I'm acting in.  Anyways, here are the dates:


Preview/Opening: Saturday June 4th @ 8pm.  Then we have shows Thursday June 9th @ 6:30pm; and Saturday June 11th @ 7pm.

Taming of the Show:

Preview/Opening is Sunday June 5th @ 4pm.  Then we have shows Saturday, June 11th @ 10pm; Sunday, June 12th @ 8pm; Saturday, June 18th @ 1:30pm; Thursday, June 23rd @ 8pm; Saturday, June 25th @ 6pm.