Booked (Another) Play

Well gosh.  When it rains it pours I suppose.  I booked another play that will be happening as part of the Los Angeles Fringe Festival: Luminous.  The story of a young man convinced the world is ending and grappling with his secret crush on his best friend.  It's 100% different than Taming of the Show, which should be a fun challenge.  It's a wild play, but if we pull it off I think it'll be pretty powerful.  More news to come as these plays get closer to premiering.  

Booked a New Play

This is exciting.  I've seen a lot of friends act and contribute to the Fringe Festival but I've never gotten to participate.  But that changes this year.  I'll be playing Brayden Stryker in the world premiere of the musical/farce The Taming of the Show.  Brayden's is a former CW star who is sabotaging the play he has been cast in with his self-absorbed and self-destructive behavior including cocaine addiction who inappropriately hitting on his female co-star.  So basically this part is right on brand.  I'm really looking forward to this, it should be a fun show.

Finished Shooting "Seat Open"

Just finished shooting the AFI short film "Seat Open" and had a wonderful time.  Rhyme Lu, the director, is a talented guy, and put together a heck of a crew.  Met some very cool people that I hope to work with again some day soon.  Feel very good about my work in the film, and I hope that it all comes together to create a short well worth watching.  Think it has a good chance to.  Won't be able to publish it to this website for legal reasons, but the experience reminded me how passionate I am about film and acting.  

5-Minute Mystery at Autry This Thursday

Hey!  Remember that SAG-AFTRA Radio Play Live Read I told you about?  From two posts ago?  Well, the performance is this Thursday at the Autry Museum, circa 8:00.  Unfortunately it looks like it's not open to the general public, but if you get in touch with yours truly, I can put your name on the proverbial (though in this case, literal) list.  That makes me feel so good to say, I've never gotten to put people on lists before.  Please let me take advantage of it. 

AFI Short Film

Well, this is exciting.  I've always wanted to work with the talented filmmakers who study at AFI, and it looks like I'll have my shot.  I found out I booked a role in the film Seat Open that shoots at the end of the month.  Radio plays and short films in the same month?  Good gravy that's exciting!

SAG-AFTRA Radio Plays

I have booked a role in one of the live reads of old radio plays that SAG-AFTRA puts on every so often.  More details to come, but I'm very excited to be doing something through my union.  Hopefully this bodes well for a good start to the (relatively) new year!

Finding Out Coming Out

Finding Out is here!  Check my video page to check it out.  Brooklyn 9-9 References!  Melodrama!  Me talking in a intentionally bad British accent that sounds suspiciously similar to my unintentionally bad British accent.  Thanks to Robin for wearing all hats as part of the production and being so great to work with.

Does This Woman Have a Name? is Coming

Terrific news.  Well, for me at least.  Hopefully others too.  We're going to be performing the one-act play by Theresa Rebeck "Does This Woman Have a Name?" in November.  We just heard that we got the rights.  I'll be performing the part of John, along with Z Zoccolante as Mel and Kate Spare as Sarah.  It's a very interesting show, and something that I think has a  chance of being pretty dang good.  More details to come.

Short Film, Little Part, Big Time Fun

Greetings denizens!  Today I shot a short film called "Rumor from Ground Control" produced by my good friend Matthew Brown, starring the lovely Lexi Moeller, and directed by the very talented Seaton Lin (seriously though, check out his reel here.  Anyways, it was a great time, this should be a cool movie.

Oh Boy Oh Boy

Confession.  I love Disney films.  Any Disney film.  Or at least any Disney animated film.  I can't vouch for everything the company has ever released.  Although I will defend Lone Ranger late until the evening beyond the point when everybody else has stopped caring.  Cause that is a great movie that got unfairly maligned.  Look at Matt Zoller Seitz's review for a better articulation of why that is than I could ever come up with.

Anyways, I digress.  My friend, the lovely, talented, hilarious Nicole Pacent asked me to shoot a few short scenes for a parody of The Little Mermaid that she's made.  It imagines what it would be like if Ariel were "Part of Your World" and that world was today's society.  I get to be Prince Eric.  Very excited to see how this one turns out.

Finding Out Redux

Just finished shooting the second version of Finding Out, and I'm very excited to see the results.  The crew was great, it looked like we got some fantastic-looking footage.  Didn't feel quite as strong about my performance as I did the first go-round, but that was probably inevitable.  We'll see what the final footage looks like.  Very excited to see what happens with this movie.

Round 2!

"Finding Out," the film I shot with Robin Johnson, has wrapped, and I felt great about it.  Just one of those days where I felt like everything was in the pocket and I was free, the zone as my old football coaches used to say.  And then came word from Robin that she just wasn't thrilled with the way the film came out.  Very complimentary about my performance (my ego makes me write), but felt like the script could've been stronger and the production values higher. And so wants to shoot the whole thing over.  From scratch.

The initial disappointment over turning in a good performance that ultimately is headed to the garbage heap has turned over to excitement.  Round 2, another chance to do good work and make something we'll all be proud of.  Bring it on.

Booked a Short Film

As all the regular readers of this blog will undoubtedly be excited to hear, I've booked a short film written by the prolific Robin Johnson (of Roommates to the Tombmates fame).  I'll be winning over the love of my life whilst dressed as Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  More info to come as events warrant.

Another Sold Out Baby Food

Unfulfilled Desires: A Night of One Acts sold out again.  I'm so thrilled with how this experience went, I learned a lot about myself as an actor.  I've got a few other projects lined up at this studio that I can't wait to share, and I will certainly be posting about those as they come up.  Thanks to everyone who came and were so supportive.  

First Night of Baby Food: Sold Out! Come to Night 2.

The title pretty much says it all, but we performed Baby Food as part of Unfulfilled Desires: A Night of One Acts at Stuart Rogers' Studios to a packed house.  People in the aisles, people standing in the back, people up in the booth.  It was an incredible experience, and a lot of fun.  And just as it feels like it's getting started, it's getting finished.  Tonight is the last night.  Get there early, $10 suggested donation.  Thanks to everyone who came out last night, and thanks in advance for coming tonight.

A Night of One Acts: Baby Food

I'll be performing in the play Baby Food, as part of "Unfulfilled Desires: A Night of One Acts" at Stuart Rogers Studios.  September 19 & 20, 8pm, $10.  Seating is limited, so get there early.  Some really talented actors are a part of this, and I can't wait to show an audience what we've been working so hard on.  Should be a great time.  Address and postcard below:

5267 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601


General Postcard small font.jpg

LA on 20 a Day: Noodle Boy

Aloha!  My friend Jessica has this great food blog about where to find the best cheap eats in LA.  She's a terrific food critic, informed, passionate, and unpretentious.  Sometimes her site will put up video entries, and she asked me to be a part of one.  So one afternoon Jess, myself, and our other friend Z ate noodles at Noodle Boy, which aside from making a certain degree of sense was also extremely delicious.  The video's up and the link's below!  Enjoy.